Policies and Programs

Stormwater Management

The Town of Pittsboro has an emerging Stormwater Management Program. Stormwater Management regulations can be found in the Town Unified Development Ordinance.

Stormwater Discharge Permit Application

Stormwater Administrative Manual

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Riparian Buffers

The Town strives to protect and preserve riparian buffers throughout the Jordan Lake Watershed. Riparian Buffer requirements can be found in the Town Unified Development Ordinance. 

Riparian Buffer Authorization Application

On-Site Verification of Surface Waters & Riparian Buffers Application

Property Entry Form for On-Site Verifications

Flood Damage Prevention 

Flood damage prevention regulations can be found in the Town Unified Development Ordinance and promote public health, safety and the general welfare, to minimize public and private losses due to flood prone areas. 

Floodplain Development Permit Application

Floodplain Determination Application

Traffic Calming Policy

The Town has established a process for the consistent application of appropriate measures to increase safe traffic on streets maintained by the Town of Pittsboro. 

Traffic Calming Policy

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