Public Utilities

This department assists customers with the connection and disconnection of utility services. The Administrative Support Specialist and Meter Technicians work diligently to produce monthly utility bills and provide quality customer service. The Town of Pittsboro offers Water and Sewer Services. Service availability may vary depending on location. Please call with any questions concerning your utility bill.

Please click here for the Amendment to the Engineering Report and Environmental Information Document, amended March 2022.

Water & Sewer

Explore the water and sewer service rates, application and information online.

Payment Options

Customers have the option of paying their utility account automatically by bank draft within the first week of each month. To enroll you can download the Bank Draft Form (PDF) or come to Town Hall to pick up the form, then return it to Carrie Bailey or Ileana Platon at Town Hall with a voided check.

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Leak Detection

Leak detection information can be picked up from Town Hall.