Garbage Rates

Rollout - $18.25 per month

Commercial Solid Waste Service - monthly fees per pickup schedule:

BinsEvery Other Week
Once Per Week
Twice Per Week
Roll CartN/A$18.25 N/A 
Recycle Cart$4.00N/A N/A 
4 yard Dumpster$27.00$54.00$108.00
4 yard Compact Dumpster$89.65$179.30$358.60
6 yard Dumpster$40.40$80.80$161.60
6 yard Compact Dumpster$104.00$208.00$416.00
8 yard Dumpster$54.00$108.00$216.00
8 yard Compact Dumpster$128.25$256.50$513.00

Water & Sewer

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