Development Process & Fees

Planning reviews all new development requests proposed in the Town for compatibility and consistency with the land development codes and ordinances. Planning collaborates daily with Engineering, Building Inspections, Fire Marshal, and Parks & Recreation to ensure the community is developed consistent with the community’s goals as outlined in the Land Use Plan.

In order to ensure a smooth development experience, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a Scoping Meeting with Planning Staff before submitting any applications. Starting in 2024, please submit all applications on our new online development portal OPENGOV and select "Pittsboro." 

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The residential development process is a sequence of steps beginning with zoning and ending with vertical construction. For residential development (new single-family dwellings, additions, accessory structures, etc.) Zoning Compliance Applications are accepted anytime on OPENGOV. There is a 10 business day review cycle for the first submittal.