Long-Range Plans

Comprehensive Transportation Plan

This plan projects transportation needs in the Town of Pittsboro through 2035. The plan helps guide the Town when reviewing current planning projects and making transportation-related decisions. Several agencies collaborated to create this plan, including the following:

  • Chatham County Government;
  • NC Department of Transportation - Transportation Planning Branch;
  • Town of Pittsboro Government; 
  • Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization (TARPO); and
  • Wilbur Smith Associates. 

Click the hyperlinks below to view the Town's Comprehensive Transportation Plan and the associated highway map. 

Land Use Plan

The Land Use Plan, adopted by the Board of Commissioners in October 2012, helps guide development and conservation decisions for the Town. The Town is in the process of updating its Land Use Plan. You can read more about that under the Land Use Plan Update section.

You can view the Land Use Plan and associated maps using the hyperlinks below. The maps have been separated and linked individually to help them load faster (except Maps 1 and 7, which are imbedded in the Land Use Plan). 

History of Land Use Plan Amendments

The Future Land Use Maps (for the Town overall and for Town Center) were amended on November 8, 2017.