Long-Range Plans

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (PDF) envisions Pittsboro as a bicycle/pedestrian-friendly community. It provides policy, program, and infrastructure recommendations to help the Town realize this multi-modal vision.

Comprehensive Transportation Plan

This plan anticipates transportation needs in the Town of Pittsboro through 2035. The plan helps guide the Town when reviewing current planning projects and making transportation-related decisions. Click the hyperlinks below to view the Town's Comprehensive Transportation Plan and the associated highway map. 

Land Use Plan

The Land Use Plan, adopted by the Board of Commissioners in 2012, updated in 2017 and most recently on April 1, 2023, helps guide development and conservation decisions for the Town. Use the following hyperlinks to view the current Land Use Plan or read more about the update:

Land Use Plan (PDF)High Resolution
Land Use Plan Appendix (PDF)High Resolution

Land Use Plan Update 

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

This plan provides a dynamic approach to creating and maintaining parks and recreation spaces in the Pittsboro community. View the Parks and Recreation Master Plan on the Parks and Recreation page.