Staff Directory

Below is our Planning Department staff directory. Please review each staff member's job duties to determine who can best assist you. 

Staff Name Title Job Duties Contact
Steve Schlauch Planner I
General Zoning Questions
Zoning Compliance Permits (Residential)
Sign Permits
Text Amendments
Environmental Planning
Affordable Housing
Janie Phelps Planner II Rezoning Requests
Special Use Permits
Subdivisions (Major and Minor)
Text Amendments
Non-Residential Development
Long-Range Planning
Website Questions
Code Enforcement - Zoning Complaints/Violations
Molly Boyle Planning Project Manager Oversees the following Chatham Park projects:
Subdivisions (Major and Minor)
Non-Residential Site Plans
Zoning Compliance Permits
Text Amendments
Chatham Park Master Plan and Elements
Small Area Plans
Comprehensive Transportation Plan
Vacant Planning Director Comprehensive Planning
Transportation Planning
Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Enforcement