Land Use Plan Update

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Draft Plan and Appendix

The Town of Pittsboro is updating its Land Use Plan! This page provides information on the project and, most importantly, provides updates on community engagement opportunities. Be sure to check back frequently throughout the project for the latest on how you can participate in the process!

A Land Use Plan outlines a town's vision for its future and provides recommendations for achieving that vision. It guides land use policy, funding, resource decisions, and infrastructure investment decisions for the Town of Pittsboro, its staff, and its governing bodies. It is created through a community planning process that prioritizes public engagement to capture the shared vision for Pittsboro. This Land Use Plan will serve as an update to the 2012 Land Use Plan. It will incorporate existing planning documents and strategically plan for future development.

What is a Land Use Plan?

Brief description of what a Land Use Plan is and what it is for.

A Land Use Plan includes a Future Land Use Map that depicts the intended development pattern for the town's future. The map will be crafted to help achieve the community's vision for Pittsboro. It will also contain policy recommendations and suggestions for plans, programs, and projects that address identified priorities.

How can I get involved?

The Town and its hired consultant conducted a survey and held a community meeting. The survey and meeting results will be posted online here after the Thanksgiving holiday.

There will also be more opportunities to provide input over the next few months. Keep checking this page for the latest updates. For now, start thinking about and discussion the following questions with your family, friends, and community:

What do I love about Pittsboro?

What is my biggest concern for the future of Pittsboro?

What would I like to see improved in Pittsboro?

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