Chatham Park

On August 10, 2015, the Board of Commissioners approved a rezoning application and master plan for Chatham Park, which created the Chatham Park Planned Development District (PDD). The Chatham Park PDD is approximately 7,100 acres in area and will include:

  • Up to 22,000 residential units; 
  • Up to 22,000,000 sq. ft. of non-residential development;
  • At least 1,320 acres of open space (i.e., undeveloped land);
  • At least 667 acres of park land (1,320 sq. ft. of park land per dwelling); and
  • A variety of land uses, such as dwellings, parks, open space, entertainment, and commerce.

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  1. Master Plan & Elements
  2. Small Area Plans
  3. Submittal Guidelines

The Chatham Park Master Plan required the developer to submit twelve Additional Elements to the Master Plan. These elements provide greater detail on various aspects of the development, such as Tree Protection, Open Space, Stormwater, and Lighting. Together, the Master Plan and Additional Elements govern development in Chatham Park. View the documents using the links below.